Tincture of Propolis EXTRA STRONG "Elixir of Longevity" - 50ml (79)
Tincture of Propolis EXTRA STRONG "Elixir of Longevity" - 50ml (79)

Tincture of Propolis EXTRA STRONG "Elixir of Longevity" - 50ml (79)

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Propolis tincture EXTRA STRONG with 25% pure propolis is a natural antibiotic and more.

Prevents germs, strengthens the immune system, effectively fights colds from the initial stage, eliminates canker sores, stomatitis, otitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and toothache.

VAITSI tinctures are made exclusively from pure propolis.

VAITSI propolis tincture EXTRA STRONG consists of pure propolis with a content of 25% from which the beeswax, pollen etc. have been removed. and contains edible alcohol.

Pure propolis offers the body all the properties of propolis.

Which of the two types of propolis should I choose? The tincture or the raw propolis?

We advise you to have both available in your cupboard at all times. It's a good idea to take them alternately so you can get all the benefits they offer. The advantage is that they do not have an expiration date and there is never a chance that they will spoil or go bad.


  • Put a drop of propolis inside the fruit at night, wait for it to be absorbed and sleep.

  • The next day if there is no irritation, swelling or itching we start drinking the tincture for 2 weeks.

For prevention and strengthening of immunity.

3 drops for 4 days (dosages for ages over 7 years).

For the remaining 10 days, the dosage is calculated according to the person's age, e.g. :

From 3 years to 5 years:

  • Pour 1 drop into a full glass of water or juice. Every 2 days up to 2 weeks.We stop for 2 weeks and continue after 2 weeks.

From 5 years to 7 years:

2 drops in a full glass of water or juice. Every 2 days up to 2 weeks.

From 7 years to 10 years:

5 drops a day.

From 10 years to 15 years:

7 drops per day.

From 15 years to 20 years:

10 drops per day.

From 20 years to 30 years:

15 drops per day.

From 30 years and over

20 drops per day.


*** For adults: Dosage: 10 to 20 drops / 2 times a day in water, juice or by direct ingestion (treatment for colds, tonsillitis, pharyngitis) until the symptoms disappear.

For canker sores and stomatitis:

  • Put a few drops on the affected areas.

For otitis:

  • Put a few drops in a cup of lukewarm water and dip a cotton ball in it.Wring slightly and pour the drops from the cotton into the ear where the pain occurs.

*Not recommended for use in children under 3 years of age, pregnant or nursing mothers and people who are allergic to all bee derivatives.

** The dosages between propolis tinctures differ depending on the quality of propolis (pure or mixed) and its content in % depending on the quality. Pure propolis is considered much more powerful than mixed.

Ingredients: 25% pure propolis, edible alcohol 95°. 50 ml - no79

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jelena Lazic (Xánthi, East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece)

Με λίγο πιο έντονο άγχος βγάζω άφθες στο στόμα. Δοκίμασα το βάμμα πρόπολης EXTRA STRONG και με μόλις δυο εφαρμογές οι άφθες εξαφανίστηκαν. Θαυματουργό!

Μαρία Ρεπάνη (Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece)

Πολυ καλο!!

Anastasia Ser (Athens, Attica, Greece)

Μέχρι στιγμής έχω δοκιμάσει την πρόπολη και έχω μείνει απόλυτα ευχαριστημένη...Σε δύσκολη περίπτωση κρυωματος κιόλας και τα αποτελέσματα άμεσα..Άμεση ανακούφιση και με φυσικό τρόπο!!Και η εξυπηρέτηση άψογη!!

Στέλλα Καρουζάκη (Athens, Attica, Greece)
Βασιλική προπολη🔅⚜️🐝

Πλούσια σύσταση της προπολης!! Θα την ξαναπάρω

Αικατερινη Κατσικη (Athens, Attica, Greece)
Extra strong Βάμμα Προπολης

Πρώτη φορά χρησιμοποιώ πρόπολη για την θωράκιση από τις ιώσεις! Έχω εμπιστοσύνη στα προϊόντα της Χριστίνας γιατί ξέρω ότι είναι από αγνά φυτικά συστατικά! και μακροπρόθεσμα θα κάνω την αξιολόγηση μου! 😊

Ληδα Παπακωνσταντινου (Athens, Attica, Greece)

Αγνο και ενισχυμενο προιον! Μπραβο!!!

Άγγελος Σιφαλέρας (Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece)
καλά προϊόντα!

έμεινα ικανοποιημένος και σίγουρα θα ξανά-αγοράσω στο μέλλον!