300 Beneficial Organic Substances


The bee and its products have been used for centuries as therapeutic ingredients. They are also proven to have a miraculous effect when used as cosmetics.

Beeswax or beeswax is the product secreted by the bee to make the honeycomb. It is the exquisite "gift" offered to man since ancient times and for so many uses.

It was used in healing and cosmetic ointments in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and of course for religious purposes as a symbol that enlightened the human soul. It is often mentioned in various ancient writings. The latest find is a beeswax seal on a fossil tooth, 6,500 years old.

Genuine beeswax consists of 300 beneficial organic substances such as honey, pollen, propolis, hydrocarbons, esters, polyesters of acids, alcohols, hydroxy acids and various other elements in smaller quantities. Its properties are: emollient, anti-inflammatory, healing and moisturizing, while it is ideal for very dry and sensitive skin. It also softens hardened skin such as elbows, heels, knees and can soothe and relieve chapped lips.

It creates a film on the skin which film protects the skin from external infectious agents by maintaining the natural moisture it needs and at the same time allowing the skin to breathe. It locks in the skin's moisture, helping to regenerate cells and keeping it soft and elastic.

Treats chronic mastitis, eczema, burn and wound healing, dermatitis, folliculitis, skin pimples, caries and gingivitis.

Our own waxes, face creams, eye creams, body lotions, lip butters and body butters contain this incredible wonder of Nature and all our waxes provide multiple uses. You can also make your own beeswax salve from exfoliants and enjoy its beneficial properties. Its aroma is unique because the whole of Nature emerges.

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- Beeswax from Kerithra Peels - 100gr (57)

    Do not hesitate to try one of our products below that contain this miracle that Nature generously offers us 🌿👇

    - Sunscreen Face Cream "Moisturizing & Anti-wrinkle" - 60 ml (4)

    - Sunscreen Butter "Moisturization & Protection" (also for children) - 120ml (5)

    - Cocoa Butter "Lips" Chocolate & Strawberry - 15ml (18)

    - Body Butter for Pregnant Women "Belly Stretch Marks" - 120ml (19)

    - C.Store Body Lotion - 250ml (20, 21, 22)

    - Hair wax with Jojoba "Women & Men" - 50ml (24)

    - Bone Regeneration, Arthritis & Cartilage Ointment - 120ml (25)

    - Ointment Burns 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree, Headache - Toothache - 50ml (26)

    - Ointment for Cuts, Wounds & Wounds (Propolis & Mastic of Chios) - 30ml (27)

    - Eczema, Massage, Insomnia & Psoriasis Wax Ointment - 30ml (28)

    - Sensitive Area & Fungus Ointment - 30ml (29)

    - Sensitive Area & Dryness Bay Ointment - 30ml (30)

    - Nipples Wax - 30ml (31)

    - "Vix" Peppermint Cold Ointment Suitable for Children - 30ml (32)

    - Muscle Aches, Chills & Cramps Ointment - 120ml (33)

    - Staph & Herpes Ointment - 30ml (34)

    - Insect Bites Ointment "Itching - Allergy" - 30ml (35)

    - Eye Cream "Wrinkles - Whitening" - 15ml (36, 37)

    - Face Cream Acne, Cystic & Rosacea - 50ml (38)

    - Night Face Cream "Whitening & Acne" - 50ml (39)

    - Night Face Cream 45 Plus - 50ml (40)

    - Face Cream Dryness, Redness & Atopic Dermatitis - 30ml (41)

    - Therapeutic Waxes

    Store the preparations in a shady and cool place.

    Properties on the skin

    1. Antiseptics
    2. Anti-inflammatory
    3. Emollients
    4. Healing
    5. It helps the skin to acquire a soft and elastic structure

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