How not to get sick? Discover the secret by reading this Blog! You will thank me...

Propolis Propolis Discover the secret

How not to get sick? Learn my secret here 😉

It will only take 5 minutes to learn!
I'm so glad you want to know my secret!
Actually, it's not exactly a secret because it's been on earth for millions of years 😉
Have you ever wondered that you could strengthen your immune system in a completely natural way? 🤔
Do you want to strengthen your body?
Here you can learn my story! You want; Yes, of course you do!
I prepared this video for you and all my girls 😉
Click on it to see it 😊👇
Now that you have seen the relevant video I want to inform you more about "what is propolis" 😉
The etymology of the word comes from the composite words pro and polis, i.e. in front of the city.
The word propolis contains the meaning of protection and defense 👍🌿
Propolis & Castles of Thessaloniki
Propolis is a sticky substance produced by bees and which results from the collection of resinous secretions from the bark of plants 🌺
Propolis Propolis
Bees use it to seal and disinfect the inside of the hive.
As propolis disinfects and protects the queen and the hive in general, in the same powerful way it protects and strengthens the human body 💪🐝🌿
Papou Yagia with Propolis
It is enough to find excellent quality propolis with a content of 50% 😊
Raw Edible Propolis
Few people know that propolis strengthens the immune system in a completely natural way 😉🌿💪
Almost every day I talk to different people about propolis.
I admit that it takes time for them to understand how good propolis is for our health!
But once they understand it and add it to their lives, they thank me to this day 🤩
This is also the reason I want to inform you.
It is with great pleasure that I present to you the products that will help you immediately strengthen your immune system 😉🌿🐝
So that you can thank me later too 😉😁❤️
The "How not to get sick" offer includes:
  1. A raw propolis on offer -30% from €25 with €17.50 for treatment
  2. and 1 propolis tincture for €19 for year-round prevention.

How not to get sick!

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    Υπάρχει περίπτωση να μας δημιουργήσει πρόβλημα στα νεφρά η πρόπολη, λόγω της σύνθεσης της;
    Αν την πιπιλίζουμε σαν τσίχλα, αντί να την καταπιούμε, είναι εξ’ ίσου αποτελεσματικό;
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    Χριστίνα Βαΐτση

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    Ευη σταυρου

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