On our summer one-day excursions as well as on vacation, a swimsuit, a towel, a hat, sunglasses and our sunscreen are enough to enjoy a nice swim in the sea!!!

But what can spoil our vacation and make it look like a nightmare?

To spoil our swimsuit and not have a second swimsuit with us?

Break the sunglasses?

Could the above two reasons make us stop our vacation? Of course not, because even without glasses we will survive (we have the "kioski" hat, don't forget it...) but also the swimsuit is easily replenished by taking a walk to the shops!!!

The problem is if we don't have the right sunscreen with us... from the longing to enjoy the sea, swimming, water sports, rackets etc.. we will surely burn with the wrong sunscreen!!!

This was...

No more laughter, no more sunbathing, no more everyday moments...and that was all???

Our skin will look like dried chicken skin and its natural collagen will have been completely destroyed.. what have we achieved???

We spent money on a sunscreen with chemical ingredients and chemical sun filters, once again burdened our skin with harmful substances, got sunburned so that we can't even lean on the back of a chair, developed skin lesions, ruined our holidays and our skin..

As a result...

To spend five times the money on a medical visit and as much on pharmaceutical products to get rid of the pains, stinging and burns!!!


This is where the Story of Sunscreen Butter No 5 begins

Basically the stories and the events that have happened are many!!!

But I will tell you the story of Stella. Stella is a very good friend of mine from high school with whom we have maintained our friendship ever since..

About 10 years ago we both went on vacation to Halkidiki. We were so excited that we would be vacationing for 10 whole days at a well-known campsite in Halkidiki!!!

We packed our bags, took almost the whole house with us...hahaha and started for our destination. We arrived in the late afternoon, arranged our things and went for an evening bath because we were soaked in sweat from assembling the tent.

Stella's nickname that was given to her while we were in high school is "Lora" from Mikro Spisi in Livadi (I imagine you know her from the series..) and the reason is because she is born with red hair, freckles and very white skin. . the next day when we went to the beach and from our pleasure to get a tan, the light turned off so that in the evening we could go out for a drink, tanned, we sat for hours in the sun while I wore sunscreen butter No. 5 (which I had prepared on a trial basis for the first time a few days earlier ) and Stella put on the sunscreen she had just bought from the supermarket of the campsite with a high protection index of 50 degrees..

It is at this point that we all always step on it... we think that the higher the index of the sunscreen, the more protection it will provide us... which is a myth!!! What is of great importance is the frequency...that is, how often we apply sunscreen and of course it should not have strong chemical sunscreen filters because they create a film on the skin, which film causes the sun's ultraviolet rays to "hit" the skin even harder as a result of which we burn and create skin changes and shades!


I didn't try to get her to try my butter because I wasn't sure it would work. It was a challenge for me to see if the sunscreen I prepared for the first time will have satisfactory results for me!

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