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Hello girls 👋👋👋

Have you ever wondered that there is a product that can literally save you from irritation and breakouts?

I'm here to give you the solution and tell you my own little story 😉

- The after shave & baby gel (No. 1)
- C.Store Aloe Deodorant - 60ml (8, 9, 10)
- Sensitive Area & Fungus Wax Ointment - 30ml (29) & MYCOSIS - Active Nail Oil (75)
- Insect Repellent Spray 4 Oils (also for children) - 100 ml (23)
- CITRONELLA - Moisturizing Insect Repellent Cream (74)
- Lotion for Topical Thickening & Cellulitis - 100ml (45)
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The after shave & baby gel (No. 1)

The after shave & baby gel (No. 1) first created many years ago and before I even opened this page. The reason is because I was tired of seeing my legs permanently red and irritated every time I waxed (during the period when I had more time for waxing at a beautician 😄).

For the last 2 years as a mom and worker I use a razor and in just 5 minutes my legs, underarms and bikini look great without using any water at all 🤩 Perfect???


Think about it, how many times have you waxed or shaved and in just a few minutes you got pimples and irritation? But was that all?

1. You wanted to go to the sea for a swim directly after shaving and as soon as you took your first dip, the saltiness stung you for the next 30 minutes!!! Awful feeling, I've experienced it 😉

2. How many times have you wanted to wear your favorite dress or a pair of shorts and had legs as red as a lobster and wildly textured like you have scales???

3. There are certainly not a few times when you hear your husband in the morning before he leaves for work telling you that his skin feels on fire after shaving. Is not that right ;;;

The razor blade solution: Apply the after shave & baby gel to clean and dry skin, wait 1 minute, pass the razor over, each time rinse the razor with cold water and repeat.

The solution to men's daily shaving:

For men with coarse hair and thick beards:

Repeatedly wet the beard with warm water and apply the after shave & baby gel to fresh skin. Let it act for 1 minute and shave first with a downward direction. Wash the razor with cold water after each pass. Repeat with the after shave & baby gel and this time we shave with an upward direction for a counter shave.

For men with soft hair and sparse beards:

Apply the after shave & baby gel and wait 1 minute. We shave downwards, rinse the razor with cold water each time and repeat upwards for a counter shave.

The solution with hair removal or lazer: We epilate, wait 5 minutes and apply the after shave & baby gel .


1. Isn't it a shame that your little one cries all the time and can't sleep peacefully because of the knots created in his little one??

2. Also think that you girls who have a little extra pounds are walking in the market in 35 degrees Celsius and your thighs are rubbing together for hours and you start to hurt because the contraction is starting. Ugh, this is something I really don't want to live through... you'll definitely want to get home as soon as possible, there's a good chance you won't even finish your shopping, you won't be able to walk home as planned and you have to take a taxi (which was not in your plan) or go back with the bus where it is full of people and it is hot...

The solution to conflicts:

Babies: Apply the after shave & baby gel to each diaper change and wait 1 minute for it to be absorbed before closing the diaper.

For women: During the summer months, apply the after shave & baby gel every morning on the inner part of the thighs.


In this live I showed you the after shave & baby gel (No. 1 in the e-shop) but also the way to get rid of irritations, dry and wild skin, not only for you but also for the rest of the family!!!

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C.Store Aloe Deodorant - 60ml (8, 9, 10)

A very large group of people suffer from bad armpit odor to such an extent that it results in them not being liked either by the world or by their spouse, losing social contact, closing in on themselves and feeling bad about themselves. themselves.. especially menopausal women face this problem daily and continuously due to the change in hormones.

The storyteller of women's deodorant jasmine (No. 8 ) is the following....

1. I will start first with my own personal story which has to do exclusively with the ingredients of commercial deodorants, which to a large extent are chemical and carcinogenic to the degree of a felony...!!!

I was 20 years old and used chemical deodorants until that age. Even though I was a person of nature and had already started experimenting with my first waxes, I used deodorants of various kinds which only did harm to my body/skin and I did not have the desired result... I experimented a lot with this product because I wanted it perfect product (as a perfectionist that I am 😊) and that's how the women's deodorant jasmine (No. 8 ) was created and then the teenage No. 9 and the men's No. 10.

2. Anna's story:

1 year ago I met Anna, a 45-year-old woman. What impressed me about Anna was the depressed mood she showed me from the first minute and the desperation in her voice.. I tried to reassure her, a bit difficult.... she was in a bad state of mind and she immediately opened up to me as if I were a member of her family. The problem Anna had was the very strong bad smell in her armpits and we concluded that this bad smell was affected by the bad diet she had for years (a lot of toxins), the lack of exercise, the wrong use of deodorants and pre-menopause... I suggested her the women's deodorant with jasmine (aphrodisiac) ... The situation up to that moment was tragic for her, because of this strong stench she had no sex life with her husband. She didn't think she would find a solution to her problem, she had tried many, many deodorants, chemical and non-chemical, but still nothing... From the day she started using the jasmine deodorant for women, she was literally saved from the bad smell she had, it brought back her sex life and the funny thing about it was that she was so focused on her own bad breath that as soon as she started using my deodorant, someone smelled bad at night but it wasn't her... it was the husband 😄 until she gave him a present the men's deodorant No. 10 and since then they have not stopped using it even for a day!!!

In this live I showed you the jasmine deodorant for women (No. 8 in the e-shop) but also the way to get rid of the strong stench and protect your armpits reverently from carcinogens!

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Sensitive Area & Fungus Ointment - 30ml (29) & MYCOSIS - Active Nail Oil (75)

Do you have the misfortune of developing toenail fungus and smelling bad ??? Do you suffer from vaginitis and have intense itching in the sensitive area?

This is where the story of the ointment No 29 Sensitive Area & Fungus begins

My husband's personal story:

This particular wax was created 3 years ago when my husband got nail fungus from borrowed slippers... At that time we were on summer vacation with a friendly couple until the second day of our vacation my husband's slipper got cut on the beach. The nearest shop from the beach was several kilometers away and since our friend had a second pair of slippers with him, he was willing to lend them to him. That was it....He wore them for a whole day and the bad had already happened... We just got home and within a week he started to itch badly on the arch of his foot..I made him various foot baths but the fungus within 7 days they had already progressed to the nails and when she happened to wear closed shoes the stench of the feet spread throughout the house ... having the knowledge of essential oils and their properties I prepared the No 29 Sensitive Area & Fungus Ointment because something drastic was needed... combined with Tea Tree Nail Oil we were able to eliminate the odor and fungus.

PS Never borrow slippers!!!

My sister's personal story:

She used disposable pads for years and never listened to me when I told her that pads cause vaginitis... the result was that she got vaginitis very often! At the time I prepared the wax ointment for my husband, I also made one for my sister because I couldn't bear to see her suffering and being medicated all the time! I will tell you that the last time she had vaginitis was 3 whole years ago...

PS Do not use disposable sanitary napkins because your sensitive area cannot be properly ventilated and close contact with the material of the sanitary napkin causes bacteria.

In this live I showed you the Ointment No 29 Sensitive Area & Fungus and the Tea Tree Nail Oil but also the way to get rid of the strong smell of the feet, from the fungus of the nails and your sensitive area with completely herbal pure products that they respond to the maximum and without having to take medication!!!

The best ;;;

Tea Tree Oil is not yet registered in the e-shop and for its purchase you will need to inform us by phone or in a personal message. You place your order normally and we add the product for you.

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Insect Repellent Spray 4 Oils (also for children) - 100 ml (23)

Every summer we come face to face with thousands of mosquitoes , gnats and annoying flies .. what I personally couldn't stand is to see young children bitten by mosquitoes but also people who suffer allergic reactions from the bites resulting in swelling at the point of the bite, to turn red and have a very intense itch that does not suffer....

The story of the Insect Repellent Spray 4 Oils No 23 started like this...

1. On a walk in the forest with a friendly couple who at that time their son Thanasis was 7 years old.

We arrived in the afternoon in the forest to find mushrooms (my friends are experts in edible mushrooms) and around 7 o'clock a swarm of mosquitoes began to surround us. My friend immediately took out the insect repellent she had with her from her bag and we started spraying ourselves like maniacs from head to toe...😄 first of all little Thanasis. For the mosquitoes what we put on us not only didn't repel them, in fact it was as if we hadn't put anything at all, we emptied the entire bottle 4 people in just 5 minutes, it was like it attracted them more... since they didn't even bite us I know how much, too bad for Thanasakis, we were laughing and saying: maybe this particular company messed up and instead of making an insect repellent they made an insect attractant??? That's what we called it...hahahaha!!!! In fact, it was written in the title of the product that it is plant-based, but reading more carefully the ingredients only plant-based that it wasn't... the worst of all was that on returning home, (fortunately with a piece of mushroom bread, each of us had fox eyes ) the next day with my friend called and told me characteristically:

- Christina, Dimitris's (her husband's) legs are swollen beyond your imagination, they are red and from scratching and scratching they have already bled.

- I told her, shut up, I'm coming from there with the wax ointment for the bites. I went and gave it to him and luckily everything was fine. Within two days he was well.

The point is, of course, to prevent bites because they carry many diseases and germs.

- Natasha thanked me and told me exactly the same, to prepare a product that prevents bites so that we don't get the same ones again..

This is how the Insect Repellent Spray 4 Oils No. 23 was created to avoid bites but also with ingredients that do not harm the health of our skin!!!

Thanasis now uses my insect repellent and in fact a few days ago he took it with him to school to show it to his classmates and told me:

- Aunt Christina, the day before yesterday at school I told them what had happened to us that Sunday in the forest and that since I put this spray I haven't been bitten by a mosquito again....I also have an order ready for you from the mothers of my classmates 😊

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CITRONELLA - Moisturizing Insect Repellent Cream (74)

In this live I showed you our new product the Insect Repellent Cream which we prepared for those who prefer cream and not spray. The action on the skin lasts much longer than the spray (about 2 hours) and offers deeper hydration due to its texture and its ingredients. If you want to buy it immediately, let us know in a private message so that we can add it to your order.

Product purchase via personal Fb message with the name MOUSTIK CREAM or phone order at ☎️ 6949 699 484

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Lotion for Topical Thickening & Cellulitis - 100ml (45)

Since ancient times, Woman is a creature that loves Beauty!!!

Like for example Cleopatra and many other ancient Greek women who cooked various herbs to use them later as a poultice on the skin of their face and body.

The story of the formula I prepared for a Beautiful Body began in 2010. Studying a lot of Ancient History and the herbs used in Ancient Greece!!!

How different the ancient Greek women thought about being beautiful back then!!! Have you ever thought about this??? Were there beauty salons then??? There were state-of-the-art machines??? Were there plastic surgeons???

Of course not!!! Fortunately, because if all these existed at that time, none of them would have been beautiful 😉

Topical Thickening & Cellulitis Lotion No 45 was created so that we can all have a Beautiful Body without having to resort to chemical solutions or minor surgeries.

Throughout my life I have met women who were very beautiful but unfortunately had the wrong thinking about taking care of their bodies.

Either they would choose the easy and quick solution (surgery) playing "Russian Roulette" because that's basically what happens with these types of operations or they would choose one of the millions of companies to invest their nice money there and what was the result??? To call me and say:

- Christina I spent a lot of money on slimming creams but I didn't see any results at all !!!

Isn't that too bad???

Too many women have told me that they spent their life savings because they thought that this way they would become beautiful and the result was that there was not even a 1% correct result....they risked their money and trusted everyone !!!

How can they do this???

And if, leaving the institute or the plastic surgeon, you suddenly look in the mirror and see the Joker in front of you??? After falling, how do you get back to before??? I'll just say you can't go back. There is no turning back, it would be good but it is not... you are trying to fight cellulite, localized fat, lift your chest and tighten your arms !!! You are doing well because you are women and like most women you want to see your body beautiful 😉 but are you using the right products?

I will tell you that definitely not.

The solution is Lotion for Local Thickening & Cellulitis No 45 and for now and forever!!! Don't miss it!!!

Thank you so much for reading 🙏🏻

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Christina Vaitsi,

Artisan of Herbal Organic Cosmetics 🌿🌿🌿

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