Who is Christina Vaitsi?

Fresh homemade cosmetics with beeswax, propolis, organic herbs, high quality essential oils, etc.

Fresh homemade cosmetics with beeswax, propolis, herbs, essential oils

Christina Vaitsi · Tuesday 22 February 20 22

A few words about me

Hello, my name is Christina Vaitsi and I have been dealing with herbal properties and blends since 1999. From a young age I liked to get in touch with nature, collect various seasonal herbs and make my own products. My love for the history of Ancient Greece and the herbs that were used then, either for beautification or for body care, led me to complete my thoughts and my recipes... always in combination with bee derivatives which are also present from ancient times and are real wonders of nature..

Thanks to the recipes I created based on the life of the Ancient Greeks and the herbs they used, we prepared 86 different preparations that have the advantage of being special, unique in their kind and definitely 100% organic.

The company

The company VAITSI was created after the prompting of many friends, relatives and acquaintances who immediately distinguished my cosmetics from many well-known cosmetics on the market.

They immediately recognized the experience I have through the use of my products, my love for the art of handmade cosmetics, my passion and passion.

The reason was all of them, but the reason for me to look at things more seriously and professionally was the birth of my first daughter. Maria's !!!

After her birth, I wanted to be careful what I will give her to consume from food to syrups, antibiotics etc.. What toothpaste will she use??? Surely it will be fluoride free??? I will get it from which company??? Which brand?? But I still know what's in it???

Which sunscreen should I use on her sensitive skin??? Which insect repellent cream??? Which shampoo for her hair and which shower gel for her body??? Which one for burns??? Which ones for parties??? Which one for hydration???

All these thoughts led me to the birth of my own brand of cosmetics so that I can be calm about the products that my family will use but also all of you who love nature, believe in herbs, my way of thinking and your my philosophy.

So that's how I got to where I am, today with 23 years of experience, with the difference that now I have NO question about which product my children, my husband, me, my grandmother, my sister, my son-in-law, my mother-in-law will use. and in general all my surroundings.....why???

Because so simply, now that a cosmetic product is necessary in a house, it is in my house. The cosmetic brand VAITSI today counts 86 different formulations that adequately cover the needs of every woman and the entire family

My philosophy

My philosophy is to give every day the opportunity to everyone to discover my 100% pure products which have been tested for 2 decades by many people.

All the ingredients we use are of the highest quality, sourced from our own Greek small producers and delivered to your hands upon order, fresh, 100% pure and handmade one by one.

The ancients used to say that when a cosmetic product is suitable to be edible then it is certainly ideal for our skin!!!


Proverbes Français: Petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nid. Little by little the bird builds its nest.

Little by little the bird builds its nest.

Who is Christina Vaci?


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